Mermaids do Exist

Animal Planet

(PHOTO CREDIT: screen shot, Are mermaids real? Animal Planet asks the question.

A year after Mermaids: The Body Found was aired on Animal Planet. More evidence has come forward. As a huge mermaid fan myself I do believe that mermaids exist and after watching Mermaids the New Evidence. Biologist Dr. Paul Robertson was interviewed by host, journalist Jon Frankel. Through out the show new pieces of evidence has come forward. There have been stories dating back to when pirates roamed the seas and that these mermaids would lore them with there siren music and lore them to their death plunging them down into the ocean to where they couldn’t breath. Evidence in Kiryat Yam, Israel is offering a million dollar reward to anyone who can capture real footage of the supposed mermaid that comes out only at sunset. Well there is video feed of someone capturing what appears to be a mermaid but the Israel government doesn’t think so. The official statement from NOAA is that “No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found they have said this last year after the original Mermaids: The Body Found has aired. Discovery, Animal Planet’s parent company, described the program as “science fiction” based on “scientific theory.” But why? Why go through all the trouble of conjuring  up this controversy and an uproar with NOAA and the US NAVY. Dr. Paul Robertson even says “We can’t dismiss what we see on the internet, I’m calling out what I see and I encourage people to judge for themselves.” To me being a firm believer I agree with him if you don’t believe you don’t but see the evidence for yourself, you may never know how you may feel after you see the evidence for yourself. There seems to be great evidence and even though Dr. Paul Robertson has confirmed from what he found to Dr. Torsten Schmidt’s footage caught on tape. Even the government in Greenland, which is where Schmidt and his team was when they captured this creature on camera, halts the new oil drilling and bans any new drilling. Even thought NOAA says there is no  evidence I really think they should investigate the waters themselves our planet is 80% water there is so much out there and why not believe that there is aquatic humanoids out there. Stop spending so much time in Space wondering if Aliens exist come down on our own planet and investigate our oceans you could be surprised what you may find.

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