Facts about Mermaids

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I am always on the hunt for new and fun filled mermaid facts well here is what I compiled to be my favorite:

According to “Real Mermaids” (n.d.), ”

  • Some of the powers of the mermaid are immortality, seeing the future, telepathy and hypnosis.
  • Modern day view of mermaids is often mixed with sirens, who are much more aggressive and dangerous creatures.
  • Sirens are often attributed with the powers of destruction, ability to gather storms, lure sailors in the death, lead ships to crash into rocks, cause insanity and conjure fog.
  • Sirens are vengeful and carnivorous mythical creatures from the Greek pantheon of gods. Even thought they were often presented as flying creatures, Greek myth of water sirens became very popular in Europe.” (Fun and Interesting facts about Mermaids)

According to “Wild Facts” (2010), “the first known stories were started in Assyria (this area is now known as Iraq) in 1000 BC.   The Mermaid was created when the goddess, Atargatis, loved a human shepherd.  The goddess accidentally killed her mortal lover.  She was so ashamed that she jumped into the lake to take the form of a fish, however, the waters were unable to hide her divine beauty.  From that point on she took the form of a Mermaid – human above the waist and a fish below.  The earliest depictions of Atargatis has her as a fish with a human head and legs.  I think Ariel, The Little Mermaid, would looked funny as a fish with a human head and legs.

Mermaid Fast Fact – It is believed that creatures such as the Mermaid represented our understanding that humans were one with animals but also different from them.  I think somewhere along the lines we have forgot that humans are one with the animals.

” (Wild Fact #646 – The Most Beautiful Fish – Mermaid).


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Wild Facts. (2010). Retrieved from http://www.wild-facts.com/2010/wild-fact-646-the-most-beautiful-fish-mermaid/


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